Monday, January 24, 2011

Gray Paint Color Selected

Ever wonder what the heck to do with that giant TV armoire you  no longer need to house that big box of plastic called a TV? Now that TVs have been streamlined to be light and much thinner, I no longer need that big, bulky armoire. It's been sitting in my bedroom for over a year now and it's been stuffed with art & crafts supplies. But there's so much wasted space!! And living in a small apartment, I'm all about maximizing my space while keeping a decluttered look. I've decided to repurpose the TV armoire and it's being converted into a.... **drum roll, please**... Craft Armoire.

The project is underway and I will soon post the whole "how to", including the mistakes I've already made.

In the meantime, this armoire has for almost a year held paint chips down it's side to help me select the color it will be transformed into. It's currently just wood toned. Kind of an orangey glaze. Pretty countryish looking now that I think about it. But the lines of the armoire are pretty straight and with a fresh coat of paint it will look updated and sleek. The paint chips started light khaki, to darker tones of khaki, to green khakis, to gray khakis, to light grays, silvery grays, cool grays, warm grays, and charcoals.

I've finally concluded, with the help of Laura Ashley, that the Craft Armoire's color-to-be is Laura Ashley Home Mountain Pass.

Yes, I realize the paint chip is quite beat up. Even has some smudges on it. But you get the gist, right?

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