Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cub Scout Patch Sash...can I trademark that?

Yeah, the name. Cub Scout Patch Sash...can I trademark that? Food for thought.

My son the cub scout has outgrown his red patch sweatshirt and decided he doesn't want the red windbreaker jackets the pack purchased for the boys. These jackets are handy for outings, and for the boys to proudly display the patches they receive from various outings, activities, community service projects, etc. I find this very odd, as he's an avid patch-shower-offer and he's clearly outgrown the red patch sweatshirt he keeps wearing over and over again. It's every boy's envy when he wears it to school and quite the conversation starter when we go to the store and he's wearing it.

I suggested maybe a red vest as other boys have sported in the past, but he didn't like the idea. He decided on a sash, very much like the green sash his older Boy Scout brother wears for his Merit Badges. Now, he's decided this a few weeks back and with Blue & Gold around the corner, it's time for this busy momma to get to work. So off to Joann's we went to select the fabric for the sash. Luckily a yard is all I needed, and at $5.99 a yard, and my 50% off coupon, it cost me a whopping $3.00 plus tax.

I simply cut two strips of fabric to the desired width, and sewed them together. Then I hemmed the edges, and cut the length to fit my son's body (this part is pretty forgiving since it hangs from the shoulder, across his body to the opposite side.

I then pressed it.

And after trying it on his body, sewed the seam at the bottom end in an angle as seen below.

Then it was time to sew on all the patches, making sure to leave plenty of space for his Sports and Academics pins towards the top of the sash.

Side note: Notice this Warstone patch. He earned this at a weekend campout where Duncan had the Guinness World Book of Records there in an attempt to break a record. My son participated in this event. They wanted to break the record for the most people participating in a marble tournament...and they broke it!! So now my son's name will be on this record and it was just recently recorded in the books. FYI, he's quite ambitions and the overachiever...he had told me about 8 months prior to this event that he wants to break a world record one day. I reminded him after this event, and told him he can check that off his bucket list!

And we're ready! He'll be so excited to see this in the morning.

Here it is all finished up and  posing next to its big brother the Boy Scout sash. Buuuuut, it's almost all filled up with patches. Back too! So I guess we'll make more and overlap them over one another. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. At least he has something to wear to Blue & Gold now to display his patches.

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