Monday, February 7, 2011

No too shabby crystal knobs...before & after

I finally had the time to go out and purchase knobs for my armoire. I skipped the usual Lowe's and Home Depot home improvement stores for something more unique. I stopped by Kirkland's hoping that they might have something that would fit with my decor because they're soooo inexpensive. But as usually is the case when I'm decorating for myself, I walked out empty-handed. No luck.

I'm very fortunate that just around the corner from good 'ol Kirkland's is an Anthropologie store. Now if you want unique, hip and quirky clothing and home decor items, this is a good place to stop. Never your run of the mill stuff, but never inexpensive. Now if I was looking for a bedspread, I would have to avoid Anthropologie like Chuck E. Cheese's, because my  pocketbook can't handle it not because of the chaos. But because all I'm looking for is a touch of whimsy I'm thinking I might just get away with this. Plus I had already done some homework online at, and found that this was looking promising.

I'm so excited I found my knobs. Check out the cuties up close.

Anthropologie Crystal Faceted Knobs

There was a plethora of beautiful, unique knob designs gorgeously displayed sitting atop small black pebbles in spinning displays. It was definitely difficult to choose just the right ones. I finally selected the one design I thought would look beautiful on my new craft armoire, picked up a total of 4 and proceeded to the checkout. There the sales girl goes to ring me up and says "all the same?" Oh my!! What a question. Well, yes. They're all the same I think to myself.  But I guess they don't have to be!! Aaaahhhh. I'm screaming inside to myself. Yet, another opportunity to get creative, whimsy and unique. "Yes", I reply to her. "But, I guess it would be nice to mix it up". And off I go to pick a different knob. At this point I'm thinking I need two for the top {taller} doors, and two for the bottom {shorter} doors. So while the knobs I already had at the register are tall, sort of an oblong-like shape, they would be perfect for the taller doors. But the shorter doors would now get a design that's more suited and in proportion to themselves. Kind of like when I'm shopping for clothes for myself, somewhat on the shorter end of the scale. And so after carefully spinning the displays around a few more times, I concluded that these round crystal knobs would be the right ones for shorter doors, yet complementing the longer knobs.

Anthropologie Crystal Faceted Knobs for Taller doors

Anthropologie Crystal Knobs for Shorter doors
Do you see anything, oh I don't know....different?
What a sense of excitement  and accomplishment I felt at that moment. So I paid for my selection and quickly made my way back home to "try them on". How I hoped these would be perfect for my armoire...and they were. A little classy, a little shabby...but, not too shabby, huh?

And now for the before and after..........drum roll, please............... tada!

The inside is also getting a makeover. Organization, bins, containers, pegs, etc. More on that when I get around to it. Stay tuned.

Note: As you can see from the knob picture above, there is a very slight difference between the two round knobs I picked up. One might even be a little pinkish. So I'll take these back for two more identical knobs when I get the time.


  1. I would love to see how you organized the inside of this. I'm in the process of re decorating and designing my craft room too! ( =

  2. I'll be posting that soon, Emily. Still a work in progress, but I'll show the current status.


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