Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A trip to the center of the craft armoire

Several of you have asked so here it is. A quick trip to the center of the craft armoire. Yes, a view inside the oh so long awaited craft armoire. You will notice, not much has happened in here as of yet, but  it will get there. The plan is to add a peg board to the left side door and possibly magnetic board on the right side. It'll happen as needed.

It has proven to be quite easy to use and organized for the projects I have engaged in, like making Valentine's cards and ornaments. A place for everything and everything in it's place. Well, not everything has a place yet cause I still have some boxes to unpack in the garage. They bare such labels as scrapbooking and crafts and yet another is labeled stamps. Scrapbooking, crafts and stamps, oh my! Scrapbooks, and crafts and stamps, oh my! Get it?...Wizard of Oz? Get it? Anyhwo, I can't remember what was stored in these boxes, and I certainly don't miss whatever is in them. I'm afraid to open the unknown. Maybe if I never open them, I'll never know...and I'll never miss whatever is in there. What to do? What to do? But that's a project for another day.

Note: For those of you who attempted to read the original post...I'm sorry :( It's been revised. Really, it has. I'm just silly like that, naturally. AND I've had seven (7) hours of sleep. Yes, you read that right ladies and gentlemen, SEVEN! And, I've had my cup of joe. So top fo the morning to ya. Make it a great one!

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