Monday, February 21, 2011

Headboard Painted on Wall Project

I'm starting a new project...wall painted headboard. I don't have a headboard and don't want to buy one. Been wondering what can I do creatively, very low, low cost and cool. Been pondering several ideas that involved spending a little bit of money, but finally decided why spend any money at all. I have left over paint from the good ol' craft armoire makeover seen herehere, so now that will be put to good use. I'm painting a square above my bed with a white inset border. Can't wait to see the result. Will share as soon as I get a step forward.

As of now, I've taped the area that will be painted gray. That would be inside the blue tape...all of it. The green tape will keep the wall un-painted for the white inset border.

Doing this will also help tone down the white walls. And this wall is so large, that I decided to go tall on the headboard. There's plenty of space for it.

Until next time! Wish me luck.

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