Friday, February 18, 2011

Origami Hats...celebrating Boy's Day Japanese style with Shuko

Another afternoon learning origami with Shuko. During lunch today she mentioned that in Japan, boys have a day of celebration in February. They make origami hats and wear them . So with napkin in hand, she taught me how to make them. Once we arrived at the office, she broke out with the origami paper and I practiced some more.

Fold origami square in half to form a triangle.

Fold each side corner up to meet the top corner. Make sure you fold both sides up.

Fold one lose end over to opposite end, like this picture above. Do the same to both sides.

Fold the top corner down, on the top layer back to look like this picture. Do the same to both sides.

It will look like this when you make those folds.

Fold up the bottom half, the one that doesn't have the little wings sticking out. Only fold up the top layer, so you see the inside of the paper, as in the picture above. Fold it so the top corner is just over the folds of the little wings.

This is what it will look like when you make that fold.

Fold that bottom edge up so it aligns with the crease.

Open it up, as in the picture above.

Tuck the bottom triangle up into the opening in the center.

It will look like this. It's a mini hat. Make it out of a larger piece of paper, or better yet, newspaper as they do in Japan and wear it.

Boys love to wear these, that's why they make these to celebrate boys' day in Japan!

Thank you Shuko for another fun day of origami lessons! Check out this post for origami butterflies, with Shuko.

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