Monday, February 14, 2011

Update on Craft Armoire knobs!!

When I presented the Shabby Chic knobs on the Craft Armoire in this post, I mentioned the two bottom knobs were slightly different. They sure were! They are handcut crystal so of course, there will always be a difference. But they were also slightly different in color, one being more pinkish. Both these minor natural flaws made them look quite different to me and they were bugging me. So on a trip to the mall with my boys, I took them with me to exchange one for another one to match the second one. Have I confused you yet? Anywho, I only needed to find one at the store that matched one of the ones I purchased to have two semi-identical knobs.

My bf and sons went with me. Once in front of the beatifully rotating displays full of gorgeous artsy knobs, my bf said to me "How about adding some color, like these?" Wow, I thought. I love it! So I purchased them. Here they are.

Cloisonne Chrystanthemum Knob

Not showing them on the armoire yet because one of them is broken, ugh!! So these two I put on the top doors (yes, voiding the clear crystal knobs I previously loved...he, he, he...) and these I put on the bottom doors.

Ceramic Melon Knob

While I love the Cloisonne Chryanthemum knobs, and I do love the ceramic melon knobs too, I just don't think they go together, and I like the cloisonne chrysanthemum knobs better. I almost feel as if I should have known they wouldn't look good together before I brought them home. So, yet another trip to Anthropologie is planned because at this point I only have one good knob since the one Cloisonne Chrysanthemum knob is broken.

And I haven't even begun the inside organization of the Craft Armoire project!!

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