Saturday, February 12, 2011

Origami Butterflies...lessons compliment of Shuko

Yesterday we had a breath of fresh air at work. At our usual 4pm break to the lunch room for candy, instead, my dear friend Shuko hosted a butterfly origami workshop for 15 minutes. This woman is incredible. She is such a dear friend. She can cook, bake, knit, orgami and drink a good wine like no one else can. Love her!

So back to the workshop. She brought the origami paper and got right to the lesson. You need perfect squares of origami paper to make these. Here are the instructions, step by step:

You fold the square in half.

And then in half again.

Open one corner by sticking your finger in between layers and align the crease you'll have at the top with the center line you see in the white in the below picture.

Fold the edges so this area looks like a triangle, like this.

Turn it over to the side so the side that you see on top is now against the table and flip the squared side of the paper to the opposite side of where it's at to create a good crease on both sides of it.

Now lift the squared side of the paper up to the center as shown, so what is left on the table is a triangle shape.

Push the center area down to create another triangle on top of the bottom one.

Crease the sides well.

Now lift the side edges of the top triangle toward the top, leaving the bottom triangle intact.

Flip this new triangle over so the creased areas you see on top are now against the table and the point of the triangle is facing you.

Fold the bottom tip up so the tip is sticking up beyond the top edge a bit.

Pull the top layer of the top tip down.

The side edges will start to want to lift and that's OK. Crease them down.

Fold in half, left side over right side.

Notice the little tip that sticks out on the left side. That's the little head of the butterfly.

Take the top layer, the left side just folded over the right, and fold it back to the left with the top edge aligned with the head that sticks out.

Turn it over so the side on the top is now against the table, and fold this side down just as you did the other side, with the top edge aligned with the head tip.

Crease it down well.

 Here is your butterfly!!

I plan on making a bunch of these to create a wall decoration. If you try them, let me know and post pictures!!

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