Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Wall Painted Headboard

I had that hunch today. Yup, creativity trying to tell me something.  Yes, that one. Early this morning. So at lunch time, after a quick session with my chiropractor whose office happens to be just down the street from my apartment, I made a quick trip to my place.

There my perfectly taped future headboard awaited on the wall, as seen here. I kicked off my heels, removed the sweater I purchased in Italy, and rolled up my white jeans....ha, ha, ha... Removed the bed from the wall, taped paper to the baseboard to protect the carpet and got started.

Rolling my little round brush up and down, back and forth, to and fro. Mmmmm...the smell of fresh paint. I couldn't believe I was doing this, during my lunch time...and I'd be done in minutes!!

Here it is with the first coat completed. I painted right over the blue tape, but not passed it. And right over the green tape, as that would create my white inset border.

I didn't even want to take off the electrical outlet cover, as it's covered by the bed, but I did cover it with blue tape cause I don't want to replace it when I leave.

Here it is. You can tell it needs a second coat. And I left back to the office, leaving my bloody mess as is.

And upon returning home, and quickly feeding the kids, I got right back to my project with a second coat of paint, as seen below.

And I just couldn't wait to see what it would really look like. So I quickly removed the blue tape, and then the green tape and I was soooo excited. But the room looks so much better in daylight, and it's dark out now, and I really want to see it with the pillows up against the wall, but it's still I improvise. Breath in, breath out.

I cleaned up and pushed the bed back up against the wall as close as possible without actually touching it, and semi setup the pillows. Voila!!

Wow! It's really coming together.
But I still can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow morning. I'll post a picture as soon as I can.

Nighty night!

OK! Here's the picture in the morning!! Woot woot! I feel like quite the interior decorating diva powerhouse.

This bedroom is definitely not "done", but this project has inspired me to her 'er done sooner.


  1. I love it, looks beautiful! The best thing is you can change it easily!

  2. This turned out great! Love the color. Thanks for linking my Flaunt it Friday party. Please come back soon. xo :)


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