Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blue & Gold Banquet Campfire Centerpieces Complete

Our finished campfire centerpiece

A while ago, I reported we were doing campfire centerpieces for our Blue & Gold banquet, in this post. Today was the day. We got them done in one den meeting {woo hoo!!}, were simple to make and super cute.

In addition, we practiced one of the scout values..."a scout is resourceful". Most of the items used were items we already had at home or in nature, with the exception of the tissue paper and wrapping paper.

Items needed per centerpiece:
6 cardboard tubes- left overs from home
brown paint - from previous projects
paintbrushes- from previous projects
1 yellow tissue sheet- purchased
1 orange tissue sheet- purchased
1 red tissue sheet (left this one out)- was supposed to be from previous project
cardboard sheet about 10" x 10"- trash from work
blue wrapping paper to wrap cardboard sheet- purchased
2 twigs about 8" long- picked up from the ground outside our meeting place
4 cottonballs- from my stash at home
tape- from home
scissors- from home
paint brushes- from previous projects
Aileen's glue- from previous projects
glue gun- from home
glue sticks for glue gun- from home

Paint cardboard tubes brown and let dry.

While they're drying, wrap the cardboard sheet with blue wrapping paper.

Overlap yellow tissue paper and orange tissue paper. Grab the center in a bunch and wrap with tape to hold it together.

Glue the tissue with glue gun in the center blue board.

Using glue gun, glue 3 cardboard tubes flat on the blue board around the tissue paper in a triangle, with one end of the tube pointing toward the tissue and the other end pointing toward the edge of the board.

Using glue gun, glue the other 3 cardboard tubes between the flat tubes, with one end of the tube attached to board and the other end of tube leaning against the center tissue.

Use the Aileene's Tacky Glue to glue cottonballs on the twigs, to make them look like marshmallows.

Glue the twigs across the campfire, using the glue gun, to make them look like they're being roasted and this should be it.

But, our creative scouts had an idea. They wanted the marshmallows to look like they were really roasted and so they decided to dab them with brown paint. In the case of my son, the picture above, he likes his almost burned, and so he smothered his in brown paint.

For the final touch we crumpled the tissue so it looked distressed and like it was really burning.

Do you have any idea how excited I am that we finished in one den meeting? No need to be lugging these centerpieces around. Our boys were so efficient we got these done in one hour, and still had time to play. Mind you, the brown tubes were not completely dry yet, specially those with a thicker coat of paint. But we went for it anyway and they finished drying on the boards.

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