Friday, February 11, 2011

Shabby Chic Black Frame Decals

Tar-jay {sophisticated for Target) carries the most darnest things sometimes. It takes a lot of will power to walk in there and purchase only what's on my list. Never a small bill, for sure. So when I saw this Shabby Chick Black Frame Decal set on clearance for $4.32, I just had to pick it up {insert happy dance}.

I debated what to do with it...exactly where to place it for the best impact. And not being able to figure it out, and having guests over, I slid it under the bed to be forgotten for months. Until the craft armoire project that is. That's when I took everything out of the armoire and under the bed, nooks and crannies in my bedroom to work on it. So that's when I saw it. It's like finding a $20 bill in a coat that's been put away for the summer and suddenly taken back out for the fall. I couldn't deal with it at the time, craft armoire project on hand, so I left it there to be found again once I cleaned the mess back up and into the armoire.

And so, I found it again. First I thought I'd use it as a headboard in my bedroom, since I don't currently have one. Here it is as I contemplated putting the shabby chic frame decals, similar to these, up as a headboard.

 I thought it might actually work. But something in the pit of my stomach tells me, maybe not so much. These have been taped on the wall for about two weeks now, winking at me and waiting for the ultimate approval...the final sealing process. But that hasn't quite happened. My walls scream of apartment rental (white). Bedspread and sheet sets are light khaki and white (in this picture you see one set. The pillows shown in the picture will go once I decide on a final color pallette. I'm thinking gray (to go with the craft armoire I just painted gray and is in the same room), and turquoise for a splash of color, along with the neutrals khaki and white. That swing lamp (new project!) will have it's brown hardware painted white, and the lampshade will be covered in a cool, modern fabric, preferably gray...I'm thinking a light gray zebra stripe I saw online, like this one.
But anyway. Back to the shabby chic frame decals. What ya'll think? These can be rearranged into different positions, and I can add cool little wall hangings in each frame..just another thought. For example, 3D bird, a key, deer head, just funky things ya know.

The biggest problem is that the actual frames will be bright black once the liner is removed. I'm afraid this will be too stark for the room given the rest of the colors I'm working with.

Update 2/11/11 8:30pm:
Or..............maybe it would be best in the dining room. The black will definitely work in here. Here is a night time picture, cause I'm usually at work during the day.

Again, please keep in mind these will look jet black once the liner is removed.

Your vote?

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