Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Shabby Chic Frames are the dining room

Finally decided the permanent location of the Shabby Chic Black Frames...the dining room. And here they are.

It was a bit of a challenging task figuring out exactly how to do this as I couldn't tell which side of the decal was a transfer paper and which side was a paper backing.

This was my initial positioning, simply taped to the wall. It was up for about a week, after being up above my bed as a headboard another week. I finally decided heck, it was only $4.00 and change for crying out loud. If I don't like it, it can come down and I only lost a few bucks. Done!

Started the first step by placing the adhesive side of the tape and decal (or so I thought) on the wall in the desired location...he, he, he...But when I tried to peel back the transfer tape from the wall, like it instructed me to, the decal didn't stay on the wall. Oh, oh...I removed it, read the bloody instructions over and over and over again until I determined I was doing it correctly and maybe, just maybe this wasn't going to work for me. But carry on I did.

I scraped every bubble flat on my not-so-smooth wall, with the provided tool.

Then it was time to peel the transfer tape from the wall and the decal is supposed to remain stuck on the wall. But it wasn't quite. I just kind of forced it off the transfer tape and pressed up against the wall. The rest was pretty easy pulling off, but the decal seemed to be wanting to pull. It was a little rubbery so it didn't ever break. I also kept using the plastic tool to rub it against the wall. I'm pretty sure at this point I'm not supposed to be using it on this type of wall. You know, the kind that has some texture vs. the super smooth walls. Oh,well. There is no way to salvage this decal and place it somewhere else. I'll just keep going and finish it off.

So the first half of the large frame is done.

But the top half was a challenge as it was difficult to align the sides and have it still be leveled at the top. Well, it's not. I came to the conclusion that the frame decal was not perfectly squared, or leveled. So I just made it work as best I could.

And here they all are together. Now, please keep in mind tha it's 3 days after Valentine's and my place is still Valentiney. Hence, the Valentine tree, the red table cloth, roses on the table, etc.

And then I decided to add some 3D origami butterflies I made last week. I posted a step by step for these cool origami butterflies here

It' funky, it's whimsy, it's's me.

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